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History Lessons

Year 11 Germany Pre-learning

Origins of WW1 Reading Overview

Research Task


Articles and Chapters


Mommbauer Controversy and Consensus

Taylor - War by Timetable

Fischer Thesis

Fischer WW1 20 Years later

The Destruction of Peace

Volker - Limited War

The Origins of the First World War

Origins of WW1

The illusion of limited war - calculated risk

Germany and the Origins of the First World War

Wehler Escape Forwards

Review Otte July Crisis - The World's Descent for War

David Blackbourne Review of Macmillian The War That Ended Peace

Wider Reading

Sheffield on Clark

Rivalry and Interdependence 1871-1941 Asa Briggs

Germany, Britain and the coming of war

The War That Ended Peace

Historiographical summary


Lecture Series

Origins of WW1 Lecture

Germany Lecture

Impact of WW1 on Germany

Lecture 3


Lesson 1 The Political System in Germany before WW1

Politics of the Second Reich

Pre-Learning 1


Lesson 2 Economics and Social Change in Germany before 1914

Consequence of Ecoomic and Social Change


Lesson 3 Alliances

The Alliance System

Alliance System

Bismarck and the German Question


Lesson 4 Arms Race

Arms race and naval rivalry

Militarisation worksheet


Lesson 5 and 6 International Tension

International tensions

International tenstions 2016

Source Analysis Christopher Clark

Key questions


Lesson 7 Sarajevo and the July Crisis

Sarajevo and July Crisis




Lesson 8 Road to War

Road to war

Road to war worksheet 

Evaluating Interpretations model paragraph


Individual interpretation

Mommbauer Darts


Lesson 10 Economic Impact of WW1


Impact of the WW1 on the economy

Problems and solutions

Problem and solutions answers



Lesson 11 Outline of WW1 from German perspective

Outline of the war

Outline of WW1 impact worksheet 1

Outline of WW1 impact worksheet 2


Lesson 12 Political Impact

Alternative - Politial impact and polarisation in one lesson

Political impact notes


Lesson 13 Social and politial impact of WW1

Social and political impact of the war

Social impact character cards

Political impact of the war


Lesson 14 Polarisation


Polarisation worksheet 1

Polarisation worksheet 2



Hitler's rise to power article

Reading list Germany

Reading list Tudors

A level subject preparation