Music Tuition

As in other schools, Chesham Grammar School Music Department arranges a very successful programme of instrumental and vocal tuition during the school day. We have a daily visiting team of professional instrumental teachers, who are peripatetic and self-employed, teaching a wide range of instruments between 8am and 4pm for 34 weeks of the year. For each instrument, tuition occurs on the same day each week for your child, but the time of the lesson is on a rotational system to avoid students missing the same curriculum lesson each week.

The instrumental/vocal tuition agreement is between the parent/guardian and the instrumental teacher, and parents are invoiced directly by their instrument teacher. 


The level of fees is set annually and parents are invoiced in advance at the beginning of each school term. The current charge is set at £40.00 an hour. So, a typical 20-minute lesson costs £13.33, although 15 and 30-minute and one-hour lessons are also available. Students should receive a total of 34 lessons during a full academic year. Since terms are of different lengths, the number of lessons and thus the fees in each term will vary. As a guide, the current fees are:

Length of lesson
Autumn Term - 13 lessons
15 minute individual lesson - £ 130.00
20 minute individual lesson - £173.29
30 minute individual lesson - £260.00

Spring Term - 11 lessons
15 minute individual lesson - £110.00
20 minute individual lesson - £146.67
30 minute individual lesson - £220.00

Summer Term - 10 lessons
15 minute individual lesson - £100.00
20 minute individual lesson - £133.33
30 minute individual lesson - £200.00

Please note that fees are subject to annual review but will not necessarily change each year.

Year 7 students are offered a no-obligation first lesson of 15-minutes and thereafter, if they decide to take up the lessons, they are committed to a term of lessons, the length of which is agreed between the peripatetic teacher and the parent. If the lessons do not work out, the agreement between the parent/guardian and the peripatetic teacher may be terminated by either party in writing.  The Peripatetics attend CGS to provide lessons based on the number of pupils from the previous term’s lessons, unless they have been given notice a student no longer wishes to continue with their lessons.  The peripatetics termly timetable is planned in advance to enable them to meet all the students who require lessons at CGS and also to carry out tuition at other schools/locations.  Therefore, we request that peripatetic teachers are provided with one term’s written notice, with a copy to the Music Department, to terminate a tuition agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Subject Leader for Music: Dr Lockley @

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