Sixth Form Dress Code

In the Sixth Form, we do not require students to wear a uniform. Instead, they have some independence to choose what to wear, in accordance with our dress code which is set out below.  The final arbiter in relation to any interpretation of school policy, including our Sixth Form dress code, is the Headteacher.

Sixth Formers should take pride in their appearance and be smartly and appropriately dressed at all times, recognising that they have chosen to remain in a formal school environment.  They should dress in a way which is keeping with the ethos of the school and which sets an example to younger students.  Affordable clothing, appropriate for school and in keeping with the expectations set out below can be purchased at a range of high street retailers including Zara Basics, H&M and New Look.

Students may choose from the following: 

  • A suit in black, blue, grey or navy incorporating trousers or skirt; or separate trousers, skirt or dress, worn with formal top/shirt/blouse where appropriate, and a jacket. Boys are expected to wear a tie. 
  • Skirts and dresses must be of a respectable length and must not be Lycra or Bodycon.
  • Shoes must be formal and in keeping with the above.  Boots may be worn if they are of a formal style and colour (eg block heeled/Chelsea boots). 
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, consistent with good taste and safety.  Apart from pierced ears and/or a nose stud, no other piercings are allowed.  In the interests of health and safety, students must not wear hoop earrings. 
  • School lanyards must be worn at all times.  This is so that all members of the school community can be clearly identified for the safety and security of staff and students. 

The following are not permitted: 

  • T-shirts, vests or other similar styles
  • Garments that show the shoulders and/or midriff - i.e. no crop tops and no strappy tops or dresses

All students are expected to comply with our expectations as set out above.  Students who choose not to can expect to be challenged and to face sanctions.  In the first instance, they will be given a warning and on any subsequent occasions, parents will be informed.  Students may be sent home to change if they continue to dress in a way which does not meet the school's expectations. 

Please ensure that ALL items are clearly and indelibly named.  Belongings rarely go missing forever, but they are very difficult to locate when unidentifiable.