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Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and the wider Chesham Grammar School community.

I wanted to write to you to introduce our new school caterers, Culinera and to discuss some of the fantastic changes we have seen since they started this term. We have had some great feedback from the students so far and there are still many more exciting changes to come. Culinera are a local company based in Amersham and the school are delighted to support a small, local and independent business. 


Investment in new Technology

We are pleased to report that the issues with our previous tills upon our return to school this term have been resolved with the new till system that was installed this week with excellent results. We believe that this has already halved the time it takes each student to go through the tills, the new system uses biometrics and students use their fingerprint to identify themselves and to pay for their food and drinks. We do please ask that parents of students using the facility keep accounts topped up using ParentPay. The catering team do face some challenges when students come through without funds as it can cause queues to form and of course be uncomfortable for the children concerned. It also unfortunately creates food waste which is something that we feel we all have a responsibility to reduce. There is a function on ParentPay where you can have an auto top up and alerts sent when funds are low, please do enable this.

Sixth form students have the additional benefit of being able to use, contactless, apple pay and card payment within the sixth form as well as using their parent pay account. The catering teams have food available at the Pod, The Main Counter and The Sixth form. Between the three outlets there is a wide choice and of course with the new till systems in place students can grab some fantastic break and lunch food quickly and easily. Please note we only take contactless, apple pay and card payment within the sixth form therefore sixth formers must have money on their ParentPay account to use areas that are not the Sixth Form.


The Social Kitchen

The restaurant now offers a wide variety of exciting dishes to try with a real focus on healthy and nutritious food. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy and the wide tariff ensures that there is something available for every budget. For example, half sandwiches from 60p, whole fruit from 35p, Marketplace hot snacks from £1.50 and our showcase meals at £2.50.

Culinera and the team have had some fantastic, themed days since they started, feedback has been very positive, and we look forward to the team doing these on a regular basis throughout the term.



The breakfast offer has been relaunched and is served each morning from 8.00-8.30. Students can enjoy freshly made pancakes and waffles, a healthy fruit bar and the team have some great offers such as free porridge when you buy a topping.


New afterschool offer

Culinera also offer after-school for 15 mins from school close. This will be available from Monday, and we hope that it will prove popular with students before they leave school for the day.

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Thank you again for your support.

Rob Freeman
Operations Director
M: 07943 689561