Useful Information for Students

Illness and Accidents

If you feel unwell or have an accident you must tell a member of staff immediately.  Normally you will be sent to the medical room where a trained first aider/Matron will take care of you.  If you are too ill to remain in school or if hospital treatment is necessary then your parents will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.  Under no circumstances should you leave school or go home without permission.



When a parent requests that prescribed medicine is administered, they will be required to complete a permission form.  All medication must be handed to a first aider/matron for safe storage.  School staff are not allowed to administer medication to students.


Signing Out

It is best to make medical appointments outside school hours.  If you must leave school during the day for any reason, then please bring a note from your parents in advance of the date, and show this to the Attendance Officer/Matron.  You must sign out at the Attendance Officer’s room in reception.  If you return to school later on the same day then you must sign in again.  All students must be collected by a parent for such appointments.


Fire Drill

The fire bell is a continuous ringing bell.  Leave bags and equipment in the room.  Leave the building in a quiet and sensible manner, following the fire route from the room you are in.  Gather in line by tutor group, in silence, on the tennis courts where registration will take place.


Family Holidays

Parents are asked not to arrange family holidays during term time as this affects your learning.  Permission can only be given by the Headteacher and the on-line leave of absence form must be completed.

The school is required to record attendance and report all absence.  Excessive absence will be followed up by the Educational Welfare Office and may lead to legal proceedings.



All students are required to leave valuable personal property at home.  It is not expected that students should have a mobile phone in school with them as we will always accommodate youngsters who need to phone home.  If there is a need, in exceptional circumstances for a phone to be brought into school, it must be handed in to the school office for safe keeping, first thing in the morning.  This ruling applies to other personal items such as iPods etc.  We cannot accept responsibility for valuables which are not handed in for safe keeping.  If staff see phones during the school day they will be confiscated and not returned until the end of school on the following Friday (please see the Behaviour Policy for full details).  Money must be kept about one’s person and not left in bags or coat pockets.



Details of the locker company can be found at the following website:  We strongly recommend that students have a locker to keep their belongings safe and tidy.  Information on visiting your locker in September will go out via our parental email in due course.


Lost Property

Items of lost property are regularly put on display for collection, before eventual disposal; frequently, unnamed possessions, from sandwich boxes to reading glasses and other valuable items are not claimed.  Aside from the locker storage, items should not be left anywhere else around school.


Please encourage your son/daughter to look carefully for mislaid items and enlist our help before deciding something is lost forever.