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Support Staff

SLT Office

Mrs R Baillie - Headteacher's PA/Office Manager:
Mrs H Armstrong - PA to SLT
Mrs K McKenzie - PA to SLT
Miss P Parrott - Receptionist

Careers/Work Experience

Ms K Lovelace - Careers Leader



Ms F Robinson - Examinations Officer


Finance and Operations Director

Sarah Hammond -


Fundraising Development

Mrs M Ware - Fundraising Development Director

General Support

Mrs C Adams - Cover Supervisor
Mrs W Aubrey - Matron
Mrs A Harding - Data Analysis Manager
Mr A Irfan - Cover Assistant/Admin Intern
Mrs C Pearce - Curriculum Support Administrator
Miss J Powell - Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Sergeant - Attendance Officer
Ms K Wildey - Counsellor


House Leaders Support

Ms D Quane - Pastoral Administrator
Mrs J Moore - Student Learning Mentor


Mrs C Harvell - HR Manager
Ms E Fitzgerald - HR & Payroll Assistant


Mrs J Hill - Librarian


SENDCO/Learning Support

Ms C Edwards - SEND Manager
Ms S Beale - Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Bromhead - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Dattani - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Horridge - Learning Support Assistant
Miss R Kolka - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Mitchell - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Whitney - Learning Support Assistant


Sixth Form

Mrs H Henderson - Post 18 Co-ordinator
Mrs J Jeffery - Sixth Form Learning Mentor
Mrs A Porter - Sixth Form Administrator


Mrs G Batsman - Physics
Mrs K Blythe - Art
Mr W Borhan - IT Apprentice
Mr JM de Botton - IT Engineer
Ms P Cowley - PE
Mr S Eadle - Biology
Ms K Gajia - German
Miss P Huguet - French
Mrs S Mash - Food Technology
Ms J Rajeshkumar - Chemistry
Mrs E Raymond - Technology
Mrs M Rosser - Textiles
Mrs M Williamson - Spanish