House System

When you join Chesham Grammar School you will also be placed in a ‘House’. There are four Houses at Chesham Grammar School – Austen, Darwin, Franklin and Shakespeare.  There are fifteen tutor groups in each House and you will belong to one of them, along with two or three students from every year group.

You will stay within your tutor group and House for your entire school life.  The tutor groups will help you to develop a sense of belonging in the school and to know people of all ages from the start.  The Houses are also used for various competitions throughout the year such as the annual House Drama, Music and Art Competitions and of course … Sports Day!

There is also competition between the houses for academic achievement. Every House Point you earn for good work or extra-curricular participation, counts towards the House Cup.  So you need to work hard and become involved in as many activities as you can.  A strong feature of the House system is the way it encourages links between the year groups.

Why Austen, Franklin, Darwin and Shakespeare?  Well, all the Houses are named after famous people from history.





House Leader/Resp for Year 10:

House Leader:

House Leader

House Leader/Resp for Years 9:

Mrs Maishman                         

Miss Day-Haynes                  

Miss Jochum Mr Spittle