Extra Curricular

At Chesham Grammar School, we aim to ensure that all students have a well rounded education and enjoy, achieve and belong.

We pride ourselves on making available to students a wide range of experiences and opportunities beyound the classroom, which are both enriching and character building.

    Extra-Curricular Clubs Timetable

Please see attached here a timetable of extra-curricular clubs available. Information about PE activities and teams can be seen on the separate PE timetable. Further details about each of these can be found on our school website.


Extra Curricular Programme

We have an extensive programme of extra curricular opportunities that all students take part in.  Please click here for the programme.

In addition, we have a ambitious programme of lunchtime and after-school clubs that we strongly encourage students to take part in.  Information can be found on the drop down below under extra curricular clubs.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Drama Department activities 

Glee Club 

Purpose: To practice and perform show choir and choreographed musical routines. 
Meets: Mondays, lunch time in the drama studio 

Film Club 

Purpose: To discuss and practice filmmaking 
Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time in the drama studio 

GCSE and A-Level Drama Rehearsal Club 

Purpose: To rehearse for the performance portion of GCSE and A-Level Drama. 
Meets: Wednesdays, lunch time in the drama studio 

Drama Club 

Purpose: To appreciate and practice stage acting. 
Meets: Thursdays, lunch time in the drama studio 

Technical Theatre Club 

Purpose: To appreciate and practice theater rigging and technical support. 
Meets: Fridays, lunch time in the drama studio - all years welcome.

School Show rehearsals

Meets: Monday and Wednesday after school in the Drama studio 
All years welcome
Dates and times to follow as the show approaches or see Miss Jochum

Music Department Activities - see Mr Lockley for more information
What’s going on? Where/When? Who? Description
Choir Mondays 1.45-2.30 MU1 Everyone welcome Yrs 7-13 Choir is one for the largest ensembles in the school. They sing a range of music from musical theatre to film and Classical music. Bring a packed lunch with you! 
Orchestra Tuesdays 1:50-2:30 MU2  All orchestral instruments g4+ (easier parts available upon request)  Like choir, orchestra is one of the largest ensembles and enjoys a range of Classical and film music 
Lower voices choir Wednesday break 11:10-11:40 MU2 Confident singers with lower voices Student led ensenble/barber shop style
Brass Group Red Wednesdays 1:40-2:10 MU1  All brass players (recommended g3+ but easier parts are available)  Anything from traditional Brass Band up to modern day pop and film music 
Big Band Blue Wednesdays 1:40-2:10 MU1 

Brass players and saxophones grade 3+ 

Kit/guitar/bass /keys invitation only due to limited spaces 

Anything from traditional Brass Band up to modern day pop and film music
String Group Wednesdays 1:40-2:10 MU2  Grade 4+ invitation only. Please register your interest We explore classic String Orchestra and Quartet repertoire  
6th Form Choir Thursday Break MU1 (11.10-11.40) Confident y12/13 singers  Student led choir
Junior Orchestra - year 8 Choir Thursday MU2 1:40-2:10  All instruments from beginner to grade 3  This is a great way to gain experience in an ensemble  
Flute Choir Thursday MU1 1:40-2:10  All flutes grade 3+  Ensemble performing arrangements and medleys of some of their favourite pieces of music 
Guitar Group Friday 1:50-2:30 MU2  Any Guitarists lookig to perform in a group   Variety of pieces
Year 7 Choir Friday MU2 1:40-2:10  Enthusiastic y7 singers!  Fun repertoire/you do not need to be able to read music 
Sport activities – see Mr Sharpe for more details
During Autumn first half term, Basketball, Netball, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnstics, Dance, Volleyball, Rugby, and Cross-country are offered. These are ordered by practice day and time. 

Girls’ Football training Years 7 & 8
Meets: Mondays at lunch time on the field

Boys’ Rugby Years 7 & 8 
Meets: Mondays afterschool on the field 

Squad Badminton Training
Meets: Monday lunch time in the Leisure Centre

Year 7 Mixed Table Tennis
Meets: Monday lunch times in the Gym

Year 9 Boys Football Training
Meets: After school Mondays on the field

Year 7 Netball Training
Meets: After school Mondays on the netball courts

Badminton Years 9,10 & 11, mixed boys and girls 
Meets: Tuesdays at lunch time in the sports hall 

Boys’ Football training Year 11
Meets: Tuesdays at lunch time on the field 

All years mixed Gymnastics
Meets: Tuesdays at lunch in the Gym 

All years mixed Lacrosse
Meets: Tuesdays lunchtime on the field from 1.45pm-2.20pm
Please bring your Lacrosse stick if you have one - thank you.

Netball Year 8 
Meets: Tuesdays afterschool at the Leisure Centre Netball courts 

Girls Hockey Training & Fixtures
Meets: Tuesdays after school at Amersham & Chesham Hockey Club

Football Training
Year 8 Boys Football Training
Meets: Tuesdays after school on the field

Football Training
Year 10 Boys Football Training
Meets: Tuesdays after school on the field

Mixed Table Tennis Years 10 & 11 
Meets: Wednesdays lunch time in the gym

Performance Cross Country - all year groups 
Meets: Wednesdays at lunch time on the field

No need to book 

Senior Girls’ Football Under 15s and Under 16s 
Meets: Wednesdays at lunch time on the field 

Senior Girls Netball Training
Meets: Wednesdays after school in the Leisure Centre Courts

Years 7 & 8 Mixed Badminton
Meets: Wednesday lunch times in the Leisure Centre

Senior Boys Rugby Training
Meets: Wednesday lunch times on the school field
Senior Boys Football Training
Meets: Wednesday lunch times on the school field

Year 11 Netball Training
Meets: Wednesday after school at the Leisure Centre

All years Girls Rugby Training
Meets: Thursdays afterschool on the field 

All years mixed Handball
Meets: Thursdays afterschool in the Gym

Mixed Netball years 7 & 8
Meets: Thursdays at lunch time in the Leisure Centre 

Year 10 Netball training
Meets: Thursday after school on the Netball Courts

Year 9 Netball Training
Meets: Thursday after school on the Netball Courts

Year 7 Football Training
Meets: Thursday after school on the field

Years 8 & 9 Mixed Table Tennis
Meets: Fridays at lunch time in the gym 

Year 10 Rugby, (from October)
Meets: Fridays at lunch time on the field

Girls’ Football Under 13s 
Meets: Fridays at lunch time on the field 

Mixed Trampolining club Year 8
Meets: Fridays at lunch time in the Leisure Centre

Cross Country, all year groups - mixed session
Meets: Fridays at lunch times on the field 

Discussion and social groups

A-Level English Literature Society (organised by the English department)

Purpose: To develop independent, wider reading around the A Level OCR English Literature syllabus


Christian Union

Purpose: To encourage students to grow deeper in their faith and understanding and provide an opportunity for fellowship together this week

Meets: Every Thursday, lunch time in H1
Sponsors: Mrs Tutton 

Youth worker, John Spence will attend each fortnight from Chesham Church

Politics Society - Chesham Chats.

Purpose: To discuss politics and current affairs, Podcast also recorded.

Meets: Every Monday, at 2pm in H7
Sponsors: Mr Selsby

Career or University Preparation

A-level Psychology Research Sessions

Purpose: To provide students and advice about the Psychology course. A chance to immerse yourself in new and contemporary psychological research through intellectual discussions with your peers.  Practice your research methods skills by developing and undertaking your own research and explore areas in psychology you are interested in and don't feature on the A Level specification

Years: 12-13
Meets: Tuesday, lunch times 2-2.40pm in D3
Sponsors: Miss D'Cruz

A-level Psychology Support

Purpose: Teacher supervised support in A level Psychology. This support could include; subject knowledge, exam technique and organisation skills.

Years: 12-13
Meets: Tuesday, lunch times 2.2.40pm D4
Sponsor: Mrs Harris

Other Activities

LGBTQ+ Pride

Purpose: To provide a friendly inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students and supporters to raise awareness and learn more about LGBTQ+ issues.

Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time C2 from 1.45pm-2.30pm
Sponsors: Mrs Adams 

CGS Eco Committee

Purpose: To consider the environmental impact that CGS has and to make positive change

Meets: Red Week Wednesdays, lunch time in S5
Sponsors: Mrs Ware

Skills, arts, crafts and hobbies

Video Game Club (organised by the Computer Science department)

Purpose: To give students an opportunity to play video games on their own or with others, discuss various different video games that they enjoy and share their love of gaming.

Meets: Fridays, lunch time in IT2
Sponsor: Mr Villegas 

Engineering Session

All year groups
Meets: Every lunch time in the engineering workshop - no need to book

Purpose: Open to complete or work on projects
Sponsor: Mr Swart

Chess Club

All year groups - no experience necessary - no need to book
Meets: Wednesday lunchtime in H3 (please eat before arrival)
Sponsor: Mr Champion

Book Club - in the Library

Years: 7,8 & 9 meets Thursday at 2.10pm
Years: 10+ meets Friday at 2.10pm

Please see Miss Winter to sign up
Sponsor: Miss Winter

A level - Book Club 

Year 13
Meets H12 - Blue week Monday lunchtime at 2pm
Sponsor: Mrs Davis
Purpose: a chance to read and then discuss contemporary issues in geography

Geography Club - Blue week in H12

Years 7 & 8 from 2pm-2.30pm
Purpose: Quiz style geography fun!
Sponsor: Miss Evans

Maths Club

For KS3 on Thursday from 2pm-2.30pm in M7
Sponser: Mrs Roberts

Computer Programming Club Year 7-9 (organised by the Computer Science Department)

Purpose: To learn and practice computer programming

Meets: Wednesdays, lunch time
Sponsor: Mr Villegas

Flight Simulator Club

Meets: IT1 on Friday lunchtime 1.40pm-2.40pm
Run by a Sixth Former - Sam

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Purpose: To play the official Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Meets: Tuesday lunch time in H1 - all year groups welcome.
Sponsors: Year 9 students

Creative Writing Club (organised by the English Department)

Purpose: To inspire students to enjoy writing in a variety of different forms

Meets: Blue Week Wednesdays, 1.50pm-2.35pm in the Library.  No need to sign up.
Sponsors: Mrs Tutton

History Archive Club - years 7, 8 & 12

Purpose: This is a relaxed and fun club where students can get their hands on the school's archive and help catalogue it and care for it with professional archival materials. We find stories, mysteries, and make displays using the materials.

Meets: Fridays from 2pm-2.30pm in L1
Sponsors: Dr Southwood and Mrs Curtis

Art Club (organised by the Art and Photography Department)

Purpose: To pursue art and craft based activities using a variety of media and techniques

Meets: Tuesday - (year 7 preferance) and Thursday, after school in A1 & A2

A2 - KS3 - planned activity
A1 - KS4 & KS5 independent working
Sponsors: Mrs Gregory 

EAST-STEM Club (organised by the Science department)

Purpose: To give Year 7 and 8 students the chance to play with STEM kit

Meets: Thursdays, lunch time in S3

Equestrian Club (https://www.cheshamgrammar.org/2053/cgs-equestrian-club)

Purpose: Learn to ride and care for horses, this is CGS's oldest ongoing club

Meets: Week days 4pm daily at CGS stables or Moors Farm -  contact Miss Thoday for details to sign up
Sponsors: Miss Thoday