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Extra Curricular

Music, Sport & Drama

See Mrs Jashari in the Music Department for various bands, choirs and more.

See Mr Pontin and other PE staff for sports teams and fitness activities.

See Mrs Neagle in the Drama department for information about Drama activities and shows.

Discussion and social groups

A-Level English Literature Society (organised by the English department)

Purpose: To develop independent, wider reading around the A Level OCR English Literature syllabus

Meets: Tuesdays, 1.45pm in H2

Sponsors: Mrs Stevens and Ms Fisher

Year 7, 8 & 9 Book Club (Organised by the Learning Support Department)

Purpose: to review and talk about books

Meets: Fridays, lunch time 2.10-2.35pm in H2 (limited to 15 places per meeting)

Sponsors: Mrs Mitchell

Christian Union

Purpose: To encourage students to grow deeper in their faith and understanding

Meets: Wednesdays, lunch time in M5

Sponsors: Mr Peoples and Mrs Horn

Politics Society

Purpose: To discuss politics and current affairs

Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time in C2

Sponsors: Dr Southwood

Economics Society (

Purpose: To present and debate economics ideas, and learn about the global economy

Meets: Fridays, lunch time in T8

Sponsors: Mrs Carr

Feminist Society

Purpose: To debate current issues and events and to address misconceptions in feminism

Meets: Mondays, lunch time in H10

Sponsors: Mrs Curtis

Career or University Preparation

Year 13 German History Lecture Series (organised by the History Department)

Purpose: To learn more about German History in an academic setting

Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time

Sponsors: Mrs Adams and Mrs Rasekh

A-level Psychology Support Sessions

Purpose: To provide students and advice about the Psychology course.

Meets: Daily, lunch times in D4 (contact Mrs Harris to arrange)

Sponsors: Mrs Harris


LGBTQ+ Pride

Purpose: To provide a friendly inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students and supporters to raise awareness and learn more about LGBTQ+ issues.

Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time D3

Sponsors: Mrs Adams and Mrs Rasekh

CGS Eco Committee

Purpose: To consider the environmental impact that CGS has and to make positive change

Meets: Red Week Wednesdays, lunch time in S12

Sponsors: Mr Ellis and Mrs Ware

Skills, arts, crafts and hobbies

Video Game Club (organised by the Computer Science department)

Purpose: To give students an opportunity to play video games on their own or with others, discuss various different video games that they enjoy and share their love of gaming.

Meets: Fridays, lunch time in IT2

Sponsors: Miss Kolka and Mr Villegas 

Computer Programming Club Year 7-9 (organised by the Computer Science Department)

Purpose: To learn and practice computer programming

Meets: Wednesdays, lunch time

Sponsors: Mr Villegas

Table Tennis and Badminton Club (non-competitive)

Purpose: To allow students to play with each other in these particular sports to promote physical and mental wellbeing through exercise

Meets: Monday (Year 7 only) and Tuesday lunch times


Dungeons and Dragons Club

Purpose: To play the official Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Meets: Tuesday and Thursday, lunch time in H7

Sponsors: Mrs Taylor

Handwriting Support (organised by the Learning Support Department)

Purpose: To support students in improving the legibility of their handwriting

Meets: Thursdays, tutor time T5

Sponsors: Mrs Mitchell

Creative Writing Club (organised by the English Department)

Purpose: To inspire students to enjoy writing in a variety of different forms

Meets: Blue Week Tuesdays, 2.00pm in H1

Sponsors: Mrs de Silva

Chess Club

Purpose: To encourage students to play and enjoy chess

Meets: Lunch time in S5

Sponsors: Mr Ellis

Art Club (organised by the Art and Photography Department)

Purpose: To pursue art and craft based activities using a variety of media and techniques

Meets: Tuesday and Thursday, after school in A1

Sponsors: Mr Biddle and Mrs Gregory

Cross-Country Club (organised by the PE Department)

Purpose: To improve physical fitness while running in the nearby area

Meets: Friday, at lunch time by the tennis courts at 1.50pm (it is advisable to eat at break time and have a snack for post run)

Sponsors: Mr Stoddern and Mr Pontin

EAST-STEM Club (organised by the Science department)

Puprose: To give Year 7 and 8 students the chance to play with STEM kit

Meets: Thursdays, lunch time in S3


Drama Club (organised by the Drama department)

Purpose: To encourage students to meet new people, play drama games and perform drama

Meets: Tuesdays, lunch time in the Drama Studio

Sponsors: Mrs Neagle

Equestrian Club (

Purpose: Learn to ride and care for horses, this is CGS's oldest ongoing club

Meets: various times, contact Miss Thoday for details

Sponsors: Miss Thoday

Crochet Club

Purpose: To teach and encourage students to crochet

Meets: Fridays, lunch time in D3

Sponsors: Mrs Maishman