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The MAT wide Health and Safety Policy can be found here

A hard copy of the staff code of conduct is available to staff in school 

Policies Date  
16 19 Bursary Fund Policy 2020 26th Sep 2020 Download
Accessibility Plan 01st Feb 2021 Download
Admissions Policy 2020 16th Jan 2019 Download
Admissions Policy 2021 10th Sep 2020 Download
Admissions Policy 2022 09th Feb 2021 Download
Anti Bullying Policy 01st Apr 2019 Download
Assessment, Marking and Feedback 2020 21st Jan 2020 Download
Attendance Policy and Procedures 2020 04th Jan 2021 Download
Behaviour Policy 18th Dec 2019 Download
Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 Addendum 04th Jan 2021 Download
Careers Policy 2020 v1.0 01st May 2020 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 2019 19th Jul 2019 Download
Child Protection Policy 03rd Dec 2020 Download
Child Protection Policy COVID-19 Addendum 20th Jan 2021 Download
Collective Worship Policy 01st May 2019 Download
Complaints Policy 13th Aug 2020 Download
Curriculum Policy 2020 2021 23rd Jul 2020 Download
Drug Policy 30th Mar 2017 Download
Equalities Statement and Objective Students 21st Jan 2021 Download
Exclusions Policy 08th Jan 2020 Download
First Aid Policy 03rd Feb 2021 Download
Health and Safety Policy 2019 01st May 2019 Download
Homework Policy 03rd Aug 2018 Download
Looked After Children Policy 05th Dec 2018 Download
Online Learning COVID 19 Addendum 28th Apr 2020 Download
Online Safety Policy 05th Dec 2018 Download
Parent and Student Privacy Notice Remote Learning Addendum Feb 2021 12th Feb 2021 Download
Process for Emergency Closure of CGS 03rd Dec 2020 Download
Provider Access Policy 23rd Apr 2020 Download
Relationships Education Relationships and Sex Education RSE policy 2020 2021 23rd Jul 2020 Download
Remote Learning Policy 2020 2021 12th Jan 2021 Download
Safer Recruitment Policy and Procedure 13th Feb 2020 Download
SEND Annual Report 2020 21 03rd Nov 2020 Download
SEND Policy 03rd Feb 2021 Download
Supporting Students with medical conditions Policy 04th Jan 2021 Download
Whistleblowing Policy January 2019 01st Jan 2019 Download