Duke of Edinburgh



The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the UK’s premier programme for youth personal development, and CGS enrols roughly 130 students annually.  The Bronze level of the Award is offered to Year 10 students, while Gold is offered in Year 12, regardless of prior participation in the programme.  Unlike most other activities offered through the school, students are not directly taught or led by staff – they lead themselves!

With guidance from their chosen mentors, students develop their own physical fitness, special skills, and volunteering experience.  At both levels of the Award, students complete a challenging but fun field expedition in small teams, usually near the end of the school year.  Gold Award participants also engage in a short residential experience, where they meet and work with other young people from their community, but outside their usual friendship group.

All expeditions this year will involve overnight camping, and all dates are mandatory to attend for participants.  Expedition dates:

Bronze In-school Training session: 2nd March & 18th May Gold In-school Training session: 2nd March & 18th May 2024
Bronze Practice Expedition: 3rd & 4th May 2024 Gold Practice Expedition: 13th-17th April 2024
Bronze Assessed Expedition: 28th & 29th June 2024 Gold Assessed Expedition: 1st & 5th June 2024

Students who complete all sections of the Award earn a certificate of recognition, and the D of E lapel pin badge. At the Gold Award level, participants receive their certificate at a special ceremony hosted by a Member of the Royal Family, usually at St James’ Palace.

Basic information and FAQs from the official D of E programme site.