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Red Kite Schools Trust (RKST) was established in September 2015.  We were previous known as White Hill Schools Trust. We changed our named to Red Kite Schools Trust in January 2019.


At Red Kite Schools Trust we aspire to excellence in everything we do.  We want to raise standards for all children, whatever phase or type of school they are in so that their outcomes and life chances are as good as they can be.  

We aim to develop young people who are honest, tolerant and respectful of others and who have high aspirations and a desire to contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing world

We seek to create a community of schools in which collaboration and joint working is the norm so that good practice is shared, and all schools benefit from each other’s strengths. This community of schools will allow staff to develop and flourish and will allow senior leaders to focus their time and energy on ensuring that what goes on in the classroom every day meets the needs of that school’s children and is as good as it can be.

We recognise that each school in RKST has its own unique characteristics and exists in the context of, and to serve, its local community. In reflection of this, we ensure that each school plays its part by creating mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with parents and with the wider community. As the MAT grows there will be greater opportunities to support and engage with the local community as a whole.

We are determined to operate as efficiently as possible, seeking value for money and savings through economies of scale in all that we do. Our aim is to provide schools with access to high quality centralised services, standardising where appropriate, so that as much of each school’s resources as possible can be directed towards and focused on teaching and learning.