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Art & Design / Photography

Curriculum Intent:

We aim to provide a broad and balanced creative curriculum which is accessible to students of all abilities. We aim to allow students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different media, processes and materials with purpose and skill. In the process we encourage students to express their own thoughts, beliefs, ideas and opinions in a visual way, generating art works with skill and integrity. We provide opportunities to investigate the work of different cultures, contexts and art makers and in turn the students demonstrate an understanding of the motivations of others. We celebrate achievement and provide students with the opportunity to see their work on display, sharing ideas and working in collaboration.  After the A level, students will leave us with a level of skill which will ensure progression and acceptance onto Foundation Courses in Art and Design and onto degree level. We aim to underpin the aspirations of the school and encourage the characteristics of the CGS learner.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Natural Forms
  • Indigenous Art
  • 'It's a small World'
  • Confectionary
  • Architecture
  • Portraits
  • 'In their shoes'
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Conflict
  • Contrast
  • Identity


Key Stage 3 assessment:

  • Assessment is based on the quality of journal content and outcomes
  • Feedback is given by teachers on a half-termly basis to students.  In addition, students peer and self-assess work on a regular basis


Key Stage 4

Art & Design Edexcel 1AD0

Year 10 Year 11
  • Contrast
  • Sculputure
  • Photography
  • Distortion
  • Exam unit
    (Jan onwards)

Key Stage 5

AQA-Fine Art-7202 / AQA-Photography-7206

Year 12 Year 13
  • Growth & Decay
  • Personal Study
    (June onwards)
  • Personal Study
  • Exam Unit
    (Feb onwards)


Key Stage 5 assessment

  • Assessment is based on the quality of journal content and outcomes
  • Frequency of feedback depends on the nature of study but it approximates in:
    • Written Feedback every 4/5 weeks
    • Peer assessment (termly)
    • Self-assessment (termly)
    • Extended writing
    • Planning and Review sheets (Photography)


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom:

  • KS3: Harry Potter World, Art clubs (Tues/Thurs 15:40-17:00 and lunchtimes)
  • KS4: Kew Gardens, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Amsterdam (residential), Art Club
  • KS5: British Museum, National Potrait Gallery, Tate Modern, Venice or Florence (residential), printing workshop (1 day), Life drawing sessions (3 hours after school), Art Club


A level Art & Photography - please see the Sixth Form section of our website for further information: sixth-form-subject-information


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