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CGS Development Fund

From Excellent to Exceptional

The CGS Development Fund enriches students’ education beyond what is provided by reduced levels of government funding.  It enables the school to continue to provide the best environment for our students, and supports our aim to be an exceptional learning institution where students reach their full potential.  Without this support from parents, students would not benefit from expanded school trip offerings, extended science and language laboratories, the total refurbishment of the school hall for exams and performances, and most recently the newly opened Food Technnology kitchen.  This works in partnership with funds raised by Friends of Chesham Grammar School to complete large projects.

The CGS Development Fund is a charitable trust and therefore all contributions are treated as charitable donations and attract an additional 25% in Gift Aid, provided a Gift Aid form has been completed by a donor who is a UK tax payer.

Please complete the form below to join the CGS Development Fund, or contact or the Finance Office with any questions.  We are also pleased to accept company matching funds should your employer offer this opportunity. Thank you very much for your support.

Registered Charity Number 1062423

Standing Order and Gift Aid Form below

Page Documents Date  
CGS Development Fund Donation Form 25th Jan 2016 Download
CGS Development Fund Digital Donation Fo... 25th Jan 2016 Download