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'inspiring the designers and engineers of tomorrow today'

This country needs 2.56 million engineers and designers by 2022 and we have developed our curriculum to inspire and prepare you for employment in the Design and Engineering sectors as well as equipping you with a wide range of life skills, no other subject offers, if you don’t.


Key Stage 3

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

In Years 7 to 9 we run a carousel system, in conjunction with the Textiles and Food and Nutrition departments, which gives all students experience of the many aspects of Technology by learning and applying a wide range of traditional and hi-tech skills.  All our KS3 courses aim to give students an understanding of materials and processes and how to use them to produce useful and creative products.  This year we have extended our projects to eighteen weeks to enable more opportunity for creative design and manufacture.

Year 7

  • Audio Amplifierstudents are set the task of designing and making an electronic and audio amplifier which incorporates some form of decorative acrylic stand.  Creative design techniques are taught along with the properties of plastics and electronic components, circuit assembly to enable high quality and unique audio amplifiers to be designed and made by all students.

Audio amplifier

Year 8

  • Audio Amplifieras we continue to move our curriculum over to engineering for this year only we are asking Year 8 students to undertake the same basic project as Year 7 but expect a more creative and complex outcome. The electronics and plastics knowledge already gained in Year 7 will be built on to  facilitate this greater creativity and complexity.
    Electronic engineering


Year 9

  • LollyBot – this is a new project which we have bought down from Yr10. Students are set the task of making a standard walking robot then personalising it to detect and avoid obstacles.   Component recognition and use, circuit assembly and programming taught to stimulate creativity and individuality.



Engineering at GCSE is an optional subject with many students choosing to study it.  The new 1-9 GCSE is assessed by 60% examination and 40% personal project.


GCSE Engineering (AQA 8852)

"Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been" - Albert Einstein

This course is for those students who wish to study a broader engineering course.

Year 10 is spent building on your KS3 experience and knowledge by studying a range of Engineering disciplines.  The content is a mixture of taught theory and mini projects. Brief details are:

Product engineering

Production Engineering – Glow in the dark keyring

  • reading and producing engineering drawings
  • planning manufacture
  • learning and practising a wide range of engineering processes
  • using Computer AIded Design (Autodesk Fusion360)

Electronic engineering

Electronic Engineering – LollyBot

  • circuit design and manufacture
  • programming
  • Bluetooth control for the more able students

Civil engineering

Civil Engineering – Bridge building

  • types of structure
  • analysis of forces
  • structure design and testing

Pneumatic engineering

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Engineering – Robotic Arm

  • principles of pneumatics and hydraulics
  • pneumatic system design
  • analysis of forces

Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical Engineering – Rocket design and manufacture

  • the principles of flight
  • aerodynamic design and manufacture

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering – Engine design and manufacture

  • gear and pulley systems
  • cams and cranks
  • levers


In Year 11 the knowledge and experience learned in Year 10 is used to design and make a personal project.  Last year the students designed and made an adjustable desk lamp in which 3D printing had to be used.  The students are also fully prepared for their two-hour exam.



A level

Unfortunately we are unable offer an A level Engineering course for the 2018-19 academic year.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Engineering must be made real and relevant so we offer the following extra-curricular activities

  • lunchtime drop in sessions (all year groups)
  • Brooklands and Mercedes World Visit (Year 9)
  • D of E Engineering Club (Year 10)
  • Engineering Club (Year 10)
  • Bologna Trip – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati (Year 10)
  • BMW Mini Plant Visit (Year 10)
  • Arkwright Engineering Scholarships (Year 11)