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Curriculum Intent

At Key Stage 3, we intend to generate enthusiasm for engineering in its many forms by giving students the skills to use a wide range of hi-tech and established production methods, materials and components. We aim for the students to use these skills, and their knowledge gained from using them, safely and in an informed way, to design and manufacture challenging, high quality and useful products. At Key Stage 4, we aim to build on knowledge gained at Key Stage 3, so that students have a deeper understanding of the many employment opportunities in a wider range of engineering disciplines. We also extend student knowledge and experience of materials and production processes and use this knowledge to design and manufacture challenging and high quality products. All our projects consist of a core and extension tasks which allow students to explore and extend their own particular engineering passions.


Key Stage 3

Year 7: Audio Amplifier Year 8: Mood Light Year 9: LollyBot
  • Electronic component recognition
  • Circuit Manufacture and Testing
  • Importance of modelling
  • How to produce a CAD file for laser cutting
  • Shaping of plastics using heat
  • Joining of plastics
  • Further electronic Component Recognition
  • Component function
  • Circuit Manufacture and Testing
  • Programming
  • Vacuum forming
    Use of laser and vinyl cutters

  • Further electronic Component Recognition
  • Component function
  • Circuit Manufacture and Testing
  • More advanced programming
  • Iterative design


Key Stage 3 assessment

  • Weekly assessment covering: research, designing, creativity, quality of manufacture
  • One short answer exam type question each rotation
  • Designing, making and knowledge and understanding marks are combined to give a final mark


Key Stage 4

AQA Engineering 8852

Year 10 Year 11
  • BattleBot – electronic, mechanical and
    structural systems
  • Note holder – materials science and
    production engineering, CAD and
  • Theory – materials, production processes, electronic, structural, mechanical and pneumatic
    systems, power sources and environmental impacts
  • NEA – set by exam board on 1st June and completed by Spring half term
  • Theory
  • Revision



Key Stage 4 assessment

  • Weekly exam style 18 mark questions
  • End of module tests


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom

  • Engineering club (all year groups) - Tuesday and Wednesday after school
  • Catch up / help sessions (all years) - every lunchtime
  • Year 10 Bologna visit - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati
  • Year 10 Thorpe Park visit
  • Year 11 Arkwright Engineering Scholarship