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Key Stage 5

AQA A Level Sociology 7192

Year 12 Year 13
  • Families and Households
  • Education
  • Research Methods
  • Methods in Context
  • Theory and Methods
  • Beliefs in Society
  • Crime and Deviance


Key Stage 5 assessment

  • Formal assessments – Year 12 class tests, Year 12 UCAS prediction exams, Year 13 mock exams
  • Informal assessments – a minimum of half termly (often more frequently) using a mixture of short questions (4 and 6 marks), mini-essays (10 marks) and 20/30 mark essays


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom

The Sociology Department offers a number of fantastic enrichment opportunities that closely link to the course content as well as broaden student's wider sociological knowledge and understanding.


Day visits include The Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) in London, the Museum of Childhood and an annual criminology conference.  In Year 13 students have the opportunity to visit New York and Washington DC