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Key Stage 5

Edexcel 9PLO

Year 12 Year 13

Component 1: UK Politics

Section A

  • democracy and participation
  • political parties
  • electoral systems
  • voting behaviour and the media

Section B

  • conservatism
  • liberalism
  • socialism

Component 2: UK Government

Section A

  • parliament
  • prime Minister and executive
  • the constitution
  • relationships between the branches

Section B


Component 3: Comparative Politics (USA)

  • the US Constitution and federalism
  • US Congress
  • US presidency
  • US Supreme Court and civil rights
  • democracy and participation
  • comparative theories










Key Stage 5 assessment

  • Students are given written feedback a minimum of once per half-term
  • Students are assessed on a range of question stems and sit mock exams over the two-year course to assess progress


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom

The Politics Department wholeheartedly encourage engagement with the subject outside of the classroom and facilitate this through a range of extra-curricular visits and experiences including the Year 13 New York and Washington visit, and a visit to Parliament and the Supreme Court.


The department arranges visits from the local MP wherever possible, and enjoys talks from alumni who have entered the civil service, politics and related areas.


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