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Clubs, Practices & Fixtures -W/C 6th February 2023

Lunch Times        
Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri

Year 7 Boys Basketball (GAG) (Gym)

Mixed Table Tennis (GYM)

Year 7 Boys Football (GAG) (Fld)

Year 8 Boys Basketball (WS) (LC)


Mixed Badminton (CB)

Blue week: Years 7, 8 & 9

Red week: Years 10, 11, 12 & 13   

All Years Girls Basketball (GYM)(BC)

Year 9 Boys Basketball (WS) (LC)

Year 8 Boys Basketball (WS) (LC)

Mixed Volleyball (TCR) (LC)


All Years Girls Rugby (NA)

Years 7, 8 & 9 Boys Rugby


Year 7/8 Girls Football training (CTU)  

  Year 7A & B Netball Practice (TCR)  

Year 8A & B Netball Training (TC)

Year 10 Boys Basketball (LC) (GAG)


Year 8 Boys Football (WS)



After School        
Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri

U16 Hockey v DCHS at ACHC 4.20pm (BCO)

Year 9 Basketball v DCGS (A) 4.15pm (WS)

Years 8 & 10 Netball Training 3:40-5:00pm

Senior A & B Netball Tournament at DCHS 4pm (GM, BCO)


Year 7 Netball Training 3:40-5:00pm



Year 11 Girls Football ¼ final (CC) v The Mandeville School.

Year 7 Basketball v DCGS (H) 4pm (GAG)

U13 Girls Football (SiS) v Wycombe High School (A) 2.30pm (BCO)


Year 8 Basketball v The Misbourne (H) 4pm (WS)

Senior Basketball v DCGS (H) 3.45pm (NS)

Year 10 Basketball v DCGS (A) 4.15pm (GAG)

*** CGS Table Tennis Centre
(all years) See CGS Website for more details ***

Year 9 Boys Football v DCGS (A) 3.30pm (GAG)

Year 11 Basketball v DCGS (H) 3.45pm (NS)

Senior Boys CC Football v AGS (TBC)