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Modern Foreign Languages

Are you considering taking a gap year?  Visiting South America? Going to the Munich Oktoberfest? Working a ski season in the Alps?

Have you thought about how you will communicate? How you would cope with dealing with the commissariat de police or asking information in the Touristeninformationszentrum? Buying essentials in the farmacía?

Do you tend to believe "I speak English and everyone speaks English, so I don't have to learn a foreign language”?

Well, consider this: only 6.2 % of the world's population speaks English as a first language and over 80% of the world’s population does not speak English.

Here at CGS we firmly believe that learning a foreign language is an essential life skill. As well as making travel more enjoyable and easier, it will enable you experience another culture and make new.  Knowledge of a language increases your chances of employment as well as your earning potential and opens your mind to new ideas.  It is an enriching experience.  Universities offer an extensive range of language courses combined with subjects as diverse as Criminology, International Relations, Engineering and Law, Sociology...

Our students have regular access to technology and a range of websites which cater for all levels and abilities and enables students to develop all four fundamental skills of language learning at their own pace.  Students’ listening and oral skills are further boosted at KS4/5 through their weekly contact with the foreign language assistants individually or in pairs.


  • In Years 7-9 all students study French.
  • In Year 8 all students continue with French and take up either Spanish or German as a second language.
  • For GCSE, all students are required to study one language and can choose from French, German and Spanish.  Students can also choose to study two in any combination.


At GCSE, all students follow the AQA course in their chosen language(s).  The qualification is linear so students will be tested in all four skills at the end of the two year course.  All skills are weighed equally (25% each for listening, reading, speaking and writing).

Course Books Spanish French German
Year 7 N/A Studio 1 N/A
Year 8 Mira Express 1 Studio 2 Echo Express 1
Year 9 Mira Express 2 Studio 3 Echo Express 2
Year 10/11 AQA GCSE Spanish AQA GCSE French AQA GCSE German
Year 12/13 AQA A level Spanish AQA A level French AQA A level German

Our aim is to make language-learning fun, relevant and accessible to all through games and communicative activities.  Students will feel confident about using everyday French, Spanish or German both at home and abroad by the end of Year 9 and will feel proud of their achievements. 

At GCSE the main aim of the course is to develop the linguistic skills of comprehension and expression, both written and spoken and to further extend pupils' knowledge of the countries where the language is spoken, their way of life, culture and general civilisation. 

At KS5 the skills acquired at Key Stage 4 are carefully honed and developed, to produce fluent speakers of the foreign language with a keen interest and understanding of their culture.

A level Modern Foreign Languages:  Please see the Sixth Form section of our website: sixth-form-subject-information


Aside from classroom activity, the languages department offers trips to France, Spain and Germany every year to enable students to practise the language in a real context as well as lunchtime clubs where pupils can receive one to one help.

The MFL department looks forward to the privilege of teaching your child a new language and opening the doors for them to new and exciting cultures, travel and employment prospects.

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