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Key Stage 3

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Personal information
  • School subjects
  • Where I live (home)
  • Food
  • Local area
  • Lifestyle
  • Film study: Ma vie de courgette

  • Holidays
  • Sport and leisure
  • Daily life and issues in
    francophone countries
  • France and other
  • Entertainment and
  • Technology
  • Film study:
    Le petit Nicolas
  • Issues for teenagers
  • A balanced diet
  • Parties and
  • Transport and holidays
  • Home
  • Jobs and ambitions
  • Film study:
    Les choristes


Key Stage 3 assessment

  • At the end of each unit, the students are formally assessed in 2 or more skills (listening, reading, writing, translation, speaking)


Key Stage 4

AQA French GCSE (8658)

Year 10 Year 11
  • Me, my family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free time activities
  • Customs and festivals
  • Home, town, neighbourhood and region
  • Healthy and unhealthy living
  • Charity and voluntary work
  • Global issues
  • Travel and tourism
  • My studies
  • Life at school and college
  • Education post-16
  • Jobs, career choices and ambitions


Key Stage 5

AQA French A Level (7652)

Year 12 Year 13
  • The changing nature of family
  • The ‘cyber-society’
  • The place of voluntary work
  • A culture proud of its heritage
  • Contemporary francophone music
  • Cinema: the 7th art form
  • Film study: La haine
  • Positive features of a diverse society
  • Life for the marginalised
  • How criminals are treated
  • Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment
  • Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power?
  • Politics and immigration
  • Literature: No et moi

Key Stage 5 assessment

  • In Year 12, the students are assessed using the class tests in February and the UCAS prediction exams in June in all skills (speaking is only assessed in June)
  • In Year 13, the students are assessed during the mock exams in January in all skills (speaking takes place later in March)
  • Furthermore, the students are regularly assessed in class in vocabulary and grammar.
  • Essays are regularly set


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom

  • Lunchtime support sessions
  • Film club
  • Letters to Pere Noel
  • Celebration of European Day for languages
  • Language study trips to France
  • Use of languages assistants
  • Day trips to the BFI and Goethe Institute…
  • Language plays in school
  • Opportunity for students to purchase language magazines

A level Modern Foreign Languages:  Please see the Sixth Form section of our website: sixth-form-subject-information


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