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Curriculum Intent

The study of Geography aims to establish a sense of awe and wonder about the world in which we live. It creates a culture of curiosity surrounding the physical world and exploring how people interact with it on a local to global scale. The subject bridges the gap between the Sciences and Arts and helps to develop a wide range of literacy and numeracy skills in real world situations. Therefore, Geography enables students to become global citizens in an increasingly globalised society. At Chesham Grammar School we build on students’ own experiences, to investigate places at all scales, from the personal to the global, and develop students’ ability to test theory in the real world using a variety of different field work techniques.


Key stage 3

Year 7 Year 8
  • What is Geography?
  • Life in the UK
  • London
  • Coasts
  • Oceans and Seas
  • Life in Asia
  • The Geography of Sport
  • Rich world poor world


Key Stage 3 assessment

One assessment per topic which could be any of the following:

  • written test with short and long questions
  • extended writing
  • presentation


Key Stage 4

AQA GCSE Geography (8035)

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
  • The Living world (including Rainforests
    and Hot Deserts)
  • Tectonic Processes and Hazards
  • The Challenge of Resource
  • Weather hazards & Climate Change
  • Rivers & Associated Landscapes
  • Glaciers & Associated
  • Urban Environments
  • Urban field work visit to Watford & follow up
  • The Changing Economic World



Key Stage 4 assessment

  • 1 x short mid topic assessment typically between 12 & 15 marks
  • 1 x full end of topic assessment typically out of 30 marks


Key Stage 5

Edexcel Geography A level (9GE0 from 2016)

Year 12 Year 13

Dynamic Landscapes –

  • Tectonic Processes and Hazards

Landscape Systems, Processes and Change –

  • Coastal Landscapes and Change

Dynamic Places

  • Globalisation

Shaping Places

  • Regenerating Places

Physical Systems and Sustainability

  • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
  • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Human Systems and Geopolitics

  • Superpowers

Global Development and Connections

Migration, Identity and Sovereignty



Key Stage 5 assessment

  • Short and longer answer questions, typically past/sample examination questions


Curriculum Enrichment outside of the classroom

  • Year 7 visit to Chesham as an introduction to KS3 Geography & Geographical enquiry
  • Year 9 combined Biology visit to Whipsnade Zoo to investigate animal and plant adaptations
  • Year 10 visit to Iceland to experience physical and human processes
  • Year 10 GCSE River Misbourne visit to develop students’ Geographical enquiry skills
  • Year 11 GCSE Watford Regeneration visit to further develop student geographical enquiry skills
  • Year 12 residential visit to launch the A-level coursework and develop geographical enquiry skills to A level standard


A level geography (Edexcel)


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