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Economics Society

Welcome to Economics Society

Hello, I am Aadi, one of the leaders of the society and on behalf of the other members, I would personally like to welcome you to our economics society. Here, we debate, talk and present many economical ideas about the way the world works and hopefully you will be able to understand more about how the global economy

On Friday 1st October, I had to create a presentation On international trade. Instead of boring the class for 20 minutes of a lecture that they will learn anyway, I decided to play the international trading game, a popular activity that is often played in universities such as Cambridge and Harvard. It worked very well. After incentivising they with chocolate, the groups with trading, stealing, black mailing and having fun. Yet under all of this, the key economical functions still remained, which I later explained after the game had ended

I hope you are interested in joining the society and know that we all welcome you with open arms to the biggest and best committee that the school has to offer.



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