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Chemistry is a branch of science dealing with the structure, composition, properties and reactive characteristics of substances, especially at the atomic and molecular levels. We look at the historical and current developments, applications in everyday life and the social, environmental and economic implications.

Chemistry is taught as a separate subject by science teachers in Year 7 and by specialist chemistry teachers to all pupils up to Year 11.

We also have around 100 students studying Chemistry in our Sixth Form.

At CGS, we have high expectations for our students who achieve excellent results with the majority achieving A* or A grade at GCSE and a A*-B grade at A level.


Key Stage 3 Chemistry

Our Key Stage 3 course is based on the 2015 national curriculum.  The course has been designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills required to access the Science GCSEs.  Students study the following Chemistry topics in Year 7 & 8.


(Year 7)

Matter 5.1 Particle model 5.2 Separating mixtures
Reactions 6.1 Acids and Alkalis 6.2 Metals and non-metals
Earth 7.1 Earth Structure 7.2 Universe


(Year 8)

Matter 5.3 Elements 5.4 Periodic Table
Reactions 6.3 Types of reaction 6.4 Chemical Energy
Earth 7.3 Climate 7.4 Earth Resources


Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

We begin our Key Stage 4 courses in Year 9.  We follow the AQA GCSE Chemistry course, students studying topics including:

1. Atomic structure

2. The Periodic Table

3. Structure and bonding

4. Quantitative chemistry

5. Chemical changes

6. Electrolysis

7. Energy changes

8. Rates and equilibrium

9. Crude oil and fuels

10. Organic reactions

11. Polymers

12. Chemical analysis

13. The Earth's atmosphere

14. The Earth's resources and our us of them

The GCSE course is designed to build the knowledge base, practical, investigative and research skills required to move on to study A-Level Chemistry.

Students sit their final exams in the Summer of Year 11. There is also a practical assessment component that, for students sitting their final exams in 2018 and beyond, involves the completion of a series of assessed practical tasks during the course and keeping a record of progress in a lab book. 


A level Chemistry:  Please see the Sixth Form section of our website: sixth-form-subject-information