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Key Stage 3

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Introduction To Drama
  • Darkwood Manor
  • Greek Theatre
  • Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations
  • Melodrama
  • The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
  • Improvisation
  • Silent Movies
  • Shakespeare Shake-up
  • Blood Brothers


Key Stage 3 assessemnt

  • Assessments take place at the end of each unit and are based on a range of practical, performance based and creative written tasks


Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama Edugas C690QS

Year 10 Year 11
  • Theatre Practitioner exploration: Stanislavski, Brecht, Knee High,
  • Devised theatre based on variety of Stimuli.
  • Analysing Live Theatre


  • Examination text DNA exploration and
    preparation for unit 3 exam.
  • Performance examination preparation based on performance or design skills
    for specific script.
  • Analysing Live Theatre


Key Stage 4 assessment

  • Assessments in class take place at the end of each unit, at the end of each half term and are based on a range of practical, performance based and creative written tasks.


Key Stage 5

Edexcel Drama and Theatre Studies 60183020

Year 12 Year 13
  • Theatre Practitioner Exploration
  • Study the Play ‘100’
  • Devised Theatre
  • Live theatre Evaluation
  • Dr Faustus Play exploration
  • Monologue /Duologue work
  • Practical performance and design
    Skill focus
  • Live theatre Evaluation


Key Stage 5 assessment

  • Assessments will take place after each area of study and will be both practical and written in style.


Curriculum enrichment outside of the classroom

  • Annual whole-school production
  • Weekly Drama Club with performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Glee Club (Musical Theatre)
  • Comedy Club
  • House Performing Arts
  • External theatre trips

A level Drama and Theatre Studies - please see the Sixth Form section of our website for further information: sixth-form-subject-information

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