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Meet the Sixth Form Team

The dedicated Sixth Form Team based within the sixth form centre help support our students on a daily basis with all aspects of their academic studies and pastoral care. The team are central to everything going on in the sixth form and between them they have a range of skills, areas of expertise and ultimately character traits which complement the work that they do.


Director of Post 16 Studies – Mr Wescomb

Mr Wescomb has a wealth of knowledge and experiences at his disposal. He is thoughtful, creative, kind and very good at understanding the needs and requirements of all our students; who he thoroughly enjoys connecting with. He is very curious and willing to learn and explore anything, as well as being flexible and spontaneous, especially so when interacting with students. He is easy-going, smiles through all situations, lends a reassuring ear and is extremely sensitive to what is going on in and around the sixth form. He ensures that our sixth formers understand our values and respect one another; because being appreciative and accepting of others is as important to him as having thoughtful opinions. He is independent, extremely laid-back and very tolerant of our student’s beliefs and individuality.


Head of Year 12 - Miss Penberthy

Miss Penberthy focuses on the welfare of all our students and the pastoral systems that are in place. She is calm, sincere and direct. She is extremely helpful and supportive of our students and can find the best in anyone. She takes notice of the little detail in people and remembers everything. She will go out of her way to get a lot done with students and takes pride in everything they do. Miss Penberthy is practical, very decisive and has a sharp mind; she never misses what the students do nor tires of extolling the virtues of all our sixth formers. 


Head of Year 13 – Miss Houghton

Miss Houghton focuses on the welfare of all our students and the pastoral systems that are in place. She has high ideals, which makes her able to empower and inspire our students to do good and take a lot of pride in their personal values and in what they achieve, say and do. She is extremely sociable, enjoys daily interaction with our students and is able to talk to and get along with anyone. She has an intuitive understanding of other people and is a great communicator who values kindness and personal connections highly. She will go out of her way to check in with students and stay in contact, especially helping them with any problems or issues. Miss Houghton is happiest when she feels that she is creating good in the world and that the students get the support and guidance that they need.


Sixth Form Learning Mentor – Ms Menday

Ms Menday cares about inspiring all students to reach their potential, she is caring, engaging, and has high ideals! She always speaks up about what she believes in and takes a lot of pride in helping students understand how the core values of what they say and do will impact their own learning. Ms Menday is extremely sociable, loves meeting new people and can talk to and get along with almost everyone. She has an intuitive understanding of other people and is a great communicator. She is popular and inspiring, values supporting others and always goes out of her way to check in and stay in contact. Ms Menday is happiest when she knows she is creating good in the world of CGS learners and that the students see the value in the help she has provided. She especially loves helping students to solve problems and find solutions to empower them to reach their goals and aspirations.


Post 18 Co-ordinator – Mrs Henderson

Mrs Henderson supports students with their Unifrog accounts, UCAS profiles and apprenticeship applications. Mrs Henderson is kind, charming, and very good at understanding young people. She enjoys connecting with students, is very curious and willing to explore anything with them, and is very flexible and spontaneous. She is easy-going and gives a reassuring smile through all situations that she is presented with. She enjoys interacting with all of our students as she is creative and adventurous and enjoys helping our students push past their limits.


Sixth Form Administrator – Mrs Porter

Mrs Porter is the lynch pin of the sixth form. She has an astute mind, is practical, decisive, highly organised and enjoys getting things done the right way and takes pride in what she does to help make our sixth form such a wonderful place to thrive. She is calm, caring and practical and will do anything to help our students be successful. She notices the little details and remembers everything.


The sixth form team are supported by our vertical tutor teams and a range of support and teaching staff.