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Remote Learning

In light of the continuation of remote learning for most students for the foreseeable future, please see our Remote Learning policy as a reminder for your information. The key information for parents to be aware of is as follows:

Students learning from home must: 

  • attend each lesson on MS Teams (where the work is set on Canvas, work must be completed at the time at which the lesson takes place) 
  • complete all work set by teachers on time 
  • seek help if they need it, from teachers  
  • alert teachers if they are not able to complete work 
  • attend each tutor time via MS Teams and take part in the programme of activities 

Parents with children learning remotely must: 

  • make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise unable to complete work 
  • ensure that their child adheres to the student code of conduct as outlined in Appendix B of the behaviour policy (attached for your information) whilst learning remotely from home 

I would like to highlight that the Remote Learning policy is linked to our Online Safety policy and our Online Safety Covid-19 Addendum. The key information for you as parents to be aware of is as follows:

Students must: 

  • Only use technology as directed by their teacher and when there is an adult in the house and they know how the student is using it 
  • Ensure that they do not share or reveal passwords to anyone 
  • Only access appropriate websites 
  • Ensure that they act responsibly online, this includes the resources they access and the language they use 
  • Ensure that all their communication with students, teachers or others using technology is responsible and sensible 
  • Not deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If they accidentally come across any such material, they will report it immediately to their teacher and parents
  • Not record or take photographs of their classmates or teachers during online learning 
  • Only communicate with a teacher through their Office 365 email address 
  • Ensure that they are in an appropriate environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions (preferably not a bedroom) 
  • Be dressed appropriately for learning 
  • Remain attentive during sessions 
  • Interact patiently and respectfully with teachers and peers 
  • Not record each other’s online interactions 
  • Make sure they end the session as soon as the teacher indicates to do so. 

As was the case before Christmas, we do expect the highest standards of behaviour from our students when they are learning remotely. On joining a lesson, please ensure that your child has the relevant resources with them (eg exercise book, text book) and that they are ready to learn. Please ensure that they join with their microphone muted and only put their microphone on if they are asked to do so by their teacher. Please do your best to ensure that your child has a working microphone for tomorrow morning. As always, if your child does not have the technology to access live lessons, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Best wishes,

Tim Patteson
Deputy Headteacher