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Aspiration to Excellence

Aspiration to achieve should sit at the heart of the values of a grammar school.  Achievement is measured in a number of ways, but principally should be defined by reaching one’s full potential in all opportunities available.  Excellence is a value that each student and each teacher must believe in as the standard that can be achieved by all.  Each child in a grammar school can obtain excellence at some point and each teacher must aim to facilitate this.  The school must work with our pupils as future leaders and encourage and reward excellence.



  • There is clear evidence in lessons that children are being stretched and challenged, made to think and encouraged as independent learners.
  • It is clear that children have a determination to succeed by the purposeful atmosphere in lessons and by the attention and planning of the teachers.
  • The school celebrates achievement across the board – academically, in sports, arts, music and drama and in achievements outside school.  These events will be outstanding and will reflect time, talent and hard work by all those involved.
  • Prize-giving events are high-profile and an important forum for the school to celebrate achievement
  • The school uses vertical tutoring to provide mentoring of younger pupils by senior pupils to raise academic standards
  • Homework is regular, thoroughly marked and set in line with CGS Learning policy.
  • The school uses the ‘Good News’ board and Parentmail to celebrate achievement.
  • The children are proud of their achievements and are pleased for their peers when successful
  • Results at GCSE and A-level demonstrate that pupils and teachers have continued to raise and maintain standards year on year


  • Children should be rewarded for good work, whether by praise, house points, postcards or feedback.
  • Children should be listened to when they seek advice on how to improve.
  • Each child should be fully aware of their progress in each subject and how they can improve at any stage.