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Equality of Opportunities

Chesham Grammar School has a special dynamic as a co-educational grammar school.  As a selective school, the chances of success in academic terms are high.  As a co-educational school, it is committed to each child achieving his or her personal best irrespective of gender.  At the same time, co-education brings advantages that single sex schools cannot match.  Preparation for life as fully-rounded people is naturally fostered by raising children of both genders together both at home and at school. 


The school is committed to equality in this respect and its existence as a co-educational school means that we are committed to equal treatment of all our pupils.  Performance at GCSE and A-levels is analysed and the variations between genders at examination level as well as the choices of options are constantly addressed in terms of ensuring that sexist values do not affect life choices for girls or boys in their ambitions or aspirations.


PSHEE and other programmes deal with gender issues and girls and boys are encouraged to understand and work through the issues of ‘old fashioned’ and outdated expectations for each gender.

In addition to gender, Chesham draws upon a very wide socio-economic catchment area.  Snobbery or distinction made on the basis of background is again an issue that we address through PSHEE.  It is quite evident that our school community is well integrated in this regard.


Finally, we have many disabled children passing through our community.  We are an inclusive school and our disabled pupils are a valued part of our school life, making academic and artistic contributions as well as in music and drama.


Inclusiveness is a vital tenet of our value system, and discrimination on the basis of race, ability, gender or background is not a feature of Chesham Grammar School.

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