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Our aim of providing a first class academic education is underpinned by imbuing our students with a sense of self-reliance. This is the primary route to success and our CGS Learning charter reflects the school’s belief in independent learning as the most deep-seated and meaningful method of personalising and assimilating knowledge.  Independence in learning habits, together with motivation and ambition to succeed come from a sense of responsibility. This in turn is built from an intrinsic impetus within the student’s work-ethic, and is a mark of maturation when the student moves from an extrinsic reward-based motivation to wanting to learn for the sake of learning, or for academic or career-based future goals. Responsibility for one’s own learning is therefore a key ingredient. 


As a value, responsibility underpins social and ethical aspects of school community life as well. ‘No man is an island,’ and the team dynamics in sport, drama, music and other extra-curricular activities are also dependent on the students developing a sense of responsibility for punctuality, effort, cheerfulness, resolve and generosity of spirit. In the classroom, responsibility should govern behaviour, manners and being supportive to one’s peers and teachers. At CGS, many classroom activities are collaborative, team or group based and a value that we hold very highly is responsibility towards others.

The school builds responsibility through individual as well as collaborative tasks – homework for independent learning, projects and captaincies of sports teams.  Progressively, students are encouraged to take posts of responsibility as they reach the Upper School.  Not only does the Prefect System foster leadership and care of others as well as assuming a measure of benign authority, but sixth formers take on the role of directors of music and drama in the House Competitions, sports captains and academic mentors.


The latter is encouraged by the recently introduced Vertical Tutoring system. Pupils are involved in mentoring younger students and within the tutor groups, devise activities for the ‘form family.’ Sixth formers take assemblies and report to parents at Prize Giving with prepared and polished speeches on the year’s events.


Staff at CGS are not merely academics with a specialism in their subject; they are a vital part of this ‘whole child learning,’ leaders of their tutor groups and part of the House and pastoral network that leads to the building of individual and group responsibility.  It is the responsibility of each teacher, assigned as s/he is to a tutor group to ensure that ‘every child matters’ in terms of fulfilment, safety, progress and happiness.



  • Students are clearly developing as independent learners, taking pride in their work and feeling that it is the norm to produce work on time, with pride and effort clearly taken in the preparation and presentation.
  • Students will want to be both team players and leaders in class or in extracurricular activities
  • There will be a palpable nurturing rapport between students of different ages leading to fostering of younger pupils by senior pupils. This will be evidenced in tutor groups and in sports, house activities and in formal mentoring.
  • Pupils will show a sense of imperative in supporting their house, their tutor groups and teaching groups
  • Pupils and staff will show concern for those struggling and it will be evident that the concern is dealt with
  • Pupils and staff will show responsibility for the school environment and property.


  • Students should produce work of the highest possible standard according to their ability and should feel that it is the norm for the work to be handed in by the due date
  • Students should endeavour to be independent learners, self-reliant and inquisitive, aware of what they need to do to improve and willing to act on this
  • Staff should be aware of the pupils’ individual needs both academically and pastorally and feel that it is their duty of care so to do.
  • Members of the school community should contribute whole heartedly to activities in class, group work, projects and discussions and give of their best as team members in these activities as well as extracurricular sports and cultural endeavours.
  • Prefects and other senior members of the student body will fulfil their appointed roles with commitment.
  • The staff will be aware of the implications of ‘Every Child Matters’ and Child Protection policies.
  • The staff will follow up issues with members of their tutor group until such matters are resolved.


When an extra-curricular activity is selected, pupils will be reliable, well prepared and whole-hearted.

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