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A Community built on Tradition

A major strength of a co-educational school is the natural balance and harmony between the genders. This is a unique ‘selling point’ which single-sex schools cannot offer. The school is also perceived as a ‘friendly’ school, with a good atmosphere, striking a good balance between robust academic ambition and its ‘tradition’ of being a ‘caring school.’  Past pupils testify to a ‘happy time’ at the school and we want to produce students who are well-equipped and well-adjusted as citizens – and leaders – of tomorrow. Our success in that preparation is in providing the security and contentment that comes from a school that is in the broadest sense, a community. As a valued member of a community, each individual must feel valued, supported and motivated.


Within the school, there are natural ways of fostering a sense of community. The many opportunities that sport, music and drama provide in engaging people in exciting activities provide that sense of belonging. The House system, with its year-long programme of events, is well-developed at the school.  Most recently, the decision to adopt vertical tutoring has not only further enhanced the identification with House and school, but has given our pupils and staff a ‘family’ within the school. The tutor group, like a family, has a mix of pupils of all ages and enables a real base from which can be fostered relationships that benefit from this unique mix. Much smaller than the conventional year-based classes, the tutor group is ideal for mentoring, real identity and special responsibilities. As the youngsters progress to Middle School, they are asked to look after new pupils joining the group.  Sixth Formers will arrange activities for the group as well as help with academic and social issues of their younger ‘family.’


‘Community’ is an important term in our outlook at CGS. But it is also a community built on traditional grammar school values of hard work, respect and good manners.  A grammar-school ethos is based on some formality and we do not compromise on that.  Pupils should respect their teachers and be compliant and polite, accepting that this formality is not only in their best interests in ensuring an ordered and calm learning atmosphere, but is also helping to train them in civility. Our traditional ethos also means we set high standards of appearance, uniform and courtesy.


  • Pupils will feel a real sense of ‘belonging’ when joining the school, ‘looked out for’ by older pupils from their tutor groups, at ease and content and without anxiety.
  • The House System will be a real driver in pupils’ motivation, with sports, extra-curricular activities and academic rewards leading to a sense of healthy competition.
  • Zero tolerance of bullying and victimisation will be apparent and bullying will be anathema to pupils and staff alike. Intolerance or prejudice on the grounds of race, gender, ability or sexual orientation will also be alien to the school community.
  • Pupils and staff will share a sense of pride in the school, and will be good ambassadors for CGS.



  • Pupils should observe the due traditional respect for teachers and be courteous and compliant in their dealings with staff.
  • Pupils should be loyal to their House, their tutor group and their school and supportive in school-wide and inter-house events.
  • As they progress through the school, pupils should foster good relationships with younger pupils and encourage them, motivate them and mentor them in tutor time.
  • Pupils should take pride in their uniform and their appearance, be proud of their membership of the school community and show loyalty and respect for all.

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