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Care through Loyalty and Respect

Chesham Grammar School seeks to inculcate in its pupils a driven, purposeful work-ethic. This relies on the pupils learning that achievement is a result of steady application and diligence. It also comes from a stimulating, pleasant and attractive environment at school, where a stimulating and well-appointed school can foster enjoyable lessons.


This in turn is dependent on pupils taking care of the resources given to them and in ensuring that the atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Carelessness with litter, casual damage of shared resources, dirty corridors and diffidence in class can do irreparable damage to this school aim. Sloppy uniform, bad manners and indifference to others would all contribute to a negative experience of school, would affect happiness and ambition and affect results. This should not be the CGS way! The keyword is ‘care’ in describing the attitude we want our pupils to take, care in how they approach their learning, how they interact with staff and peers, and care taken over the physical learning environment.  Through loyalty to the school, this positive approach will make the difference that will mark the school as outstanding.



  • Confidence and purpose in the behaviour of pupils
  • Good communication and support between pupils of different ages
  • A sense of belonging and identity with tutor group, house and school
  • Pride in appearance
  • Care over the physical environment of the school
  • Positive feedback through pupil panels, discussions and questionnaires.
  • Good manners, courtesy and civility informing the everyday business of the school.



  • Courtesy should be the hallmark of all transactions at school – between pupils and their peer group and between pupils and staff. In addition, the unique relationship of pupils and teachers should be informed by the natural authority of the teacher; whilst respect should be accorded both ways, the pupil’s attitude should be governed by the traditional deference that is appropriate to that relationship.
  • Pupils should remember that the environment is for the benefit of all and that it is their duty to take care with resources, the classrooms and the grounds.  Litter and damage affect the community, so all pupils should challenge anti-social behaviour of this sort.
  • Pupils, as members of the school, should show involvement in at least one extra-curricular activity.  They should display loyalty and enthusiasm for their House and team.
  • Uniform should be smart, the dress code adhered to, and pride taken in belonging to the school.