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Dress Code

Sixth formers should be smartly dressed at all times and take pride in their appearance, recognising that they are dressing for a formal working environment and helping to set the tone for the rest of the school. Smart, appropriate attire is expected at all times. Students may therefore wear from the following:

  • A suit in black, blue, grey or navy incorporating skirt/dress or trousers and/or a waistcoat.  The trousers/skirt/dress and jacket must match ie be cut from the same bolt of cloth.  The skirt/dress must be a respectable length, lined and should rise no further than 7cm above the knee in length when walking.  Trousers should be ankle length.
  • A formal top, shirt or blouse, a tie (boys). Not T-shirts, vests etc.
  • Shoes must be formal and in keeping with the above.  Boots may only be worn under trousers.
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, consistent with good taste and safety.  Apart from pierced ears, no other piercing is allowed.


Our Sixth Form Girls working party have recommended New Look and H & M as offering an appropriate range which would suit most girls' tastes and budgets.


Practical subjects will make special arrangements for their lessons when necessary. 

We are conscious of the need to ensure that any form of dress within the school is cost effective and practical, and can be purchased in High Street shops.  The school has researched this and can provide information upon request.


Please ensure that ALL items are clearly and indelibly named.  Belongings rarely go missing forever, but they are very difficult to locate when unidentifiable.