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Posted on: January 22nd 2016

Head's Blog

Dear Parent

Well as I mentioned in my message last week, we are already at the midpoint of this half term. Now mocks for Years 11 and 13 are finished, the hall is back in use and so we have been able to hold a full run of assemblies this week. My message to students was that it is never too late to make resolutions and to try to change behaviour or habits, provided any targets you set for yourself are realistic and achievable, (which is where most of us making resolutions at New Year go wrong).  This is particularly relevant to those students who have public examinations to prepare for this year but is something which could be discussed with your child, whatever year group s/he is in.

This week, I met with a number of Year 13 students who have just celebrated their 18th birthday. They are: Maryam Ali, Michael Moore, Natasha Pinkney, Eleanor Wade and Jacob Archbold.  Congratulations to you all.

I have also met with members of one of our Young Enterprise teams, Neptune, who have been very successful so far this year. We had an interesting discussion about the value of Young Enterprise and I was fascinated to hear their reasons for joining the scheme. Well done to them all.  They are: Riley Nicholas, Hadley Thomas, Yusuf Hasnain, Bradley Clark, Danny Carter, Alex Marsh, Jake Choules, Finlay Wood, Annabel Nangle, Elise Anstey, Yewande Bankole, Christian Horridge, Rebecca Logie-Inions and Harry Sawyer.

I was equally fascinated to meet a number of Year 7 students who were asked by their science teacher to undertake research on a cell of their choice and then to make a model of that cell. The students I saw had spent hours on these and they were superb. Some were made from clay, others from plasticine or papier-mâché and one from sponges and a bag of water! A huge amount of thought had gone into them and I would like to congratulate the students.  Their enthusiasm as well as the knowledge they had gained from their research was impressive.  They were: Anna Watteeux, Jessica Clark, Joel Biju, Katarina Lochan-Jenkinson, Mia Michalska, Tahlia Cichon, Elly Thornborrow and Rosie Adams. Finally, I met Jennifer Rowlands in Year 8 who produced a superb poster in English on gothic literature. Well done.

I would like to finish with a plea about road safety which I would like you to discuss with your child please. We have had a few incidents this year which have been resulted from a lack of care on the part of our students.  On more than one occasion, there has been a near miss after a student has walked out into a road without checking the traffic in both directions carefully enough. Some of these have been students who have been rushing down to the train station at the end of the day.  I have pointed out that, should they miss the first train, there is another one shortly afterwards and I am sure you would rather your child was home a little later than not home at all because of a lack of care on the way to the station.  There have also been incidents involving students being collected by parents who are waiting in cars in roads near the school.  Please make sure you have a conversation about the need for what I would call the 'green cross code' (I am showing my age here!) and that they know to check the traffic in both directions and to wait if a car is coming.  On a related note can I please ask that those parents who drop their child off in the morning do so in the lay-by outside school.  Please do not pull into the slip road.  Again there have been a couple of incidents where a car has ignored the crossing which runs across this road and one day this week, a child was almost hit by a car.  There is no need for parents to pull into school as the lay-by out the front is big enough for several cars to be able to pull in at once.  Thank you for your support.

For some time, you will know that students have been able to collect their lost property twice a week.  I have not been particularly happy with this arrangement and so we are trialling a different system next week.  Lost property will be open every day from 2pm to 2.15pm. I will review this at half term to see how it is working.

I look forward to seeing those of you with a child in Year 9 at the progress evening on Tuesday next week.

With best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

Annmarie McNaney