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what's happening at Chesham Grammar

Posted on: January 8th 2016

Head's Blog

Dear Parent

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a good rest. I always enjoy the start of a new term. There is a real 'buzz' as students are reunited with friends they may not have seen over the holiday. Year 11 students, of course, have come back to their mock examinations. I would like to congratulate them on their impeccable conduct so far. Those I have spoken to have been upbeat about how the exams are going so I hope that this is borne out when we get their results. Year 11 students return to school on Tuesday at which point, Year 13 students start their mocks, returning to normal lessons on Tuesday 19th. Year 12 mocks follow in February. I wish all the students the very best with their exams.

I would like to welcome Mr Gary Compton and Mrs Jocelyn Lothian to the school. Both are joining the maths department and have enjoyed their first week here. I know we will extend our customary warm welcome to them at the start of their CGS career.

Year 13 students are right in the midst of the university process. The vast majority submitted their applications to UCAS last term and are now receiving offers from their chosen universities. At this point, in my experience, the whole thing becomes 'real' with students starting to feel very excited about what lies ahead - and a little daunted. This week, Oxford University has been letting students know whether their applications have been successful and Cambridge will do the same next week. We have a good number who are now holding offers from the former and are hopeful that those who applied to Cambridge will also hear good news. Last term, students in Years 12 and 13 listened to a talk given by Dr Tim O'Brien, a psychologist who works with individuals and teams in global business and elite sport. Tim told the students he was in the process of writing a book about the way in which our 'inner story' controls everything we think, feel and do and therefore controls our whole life. A good number of the students asked him about it at the end of the talk. I am delighted to tell you that Tim's book, 'Inner Story', is now available. He has kindly given the school a copy and I am very much looking forward to reading it.

Please can I make a plea to those of you who collect your child by car at the end of the day. We need to ensure that the safety of our students is paramount and that we also consider our neighbours. Please do not park across someone's drive or too close to the roundabout just outside school; the latter is obviously unsafe. There is also an issue caused by some parents parking on the pavement on Eskdale Avenue which then forces those children going home that way on foot to walk in the road. This is not what any of us would want for our own child so please be considerate when choosing a parking spot at the end of the day.

With best wishes for a restful weekend,

Annmarie McNaney