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what's happening at Chesham Grammar

Posted on: February 15th 2019

Head's Blog

Dear Parent,

Here we are at the end of another busy half term which is more or less the mid point of the academic year.  Your children have thrown themselves into school life with characteristic energy, enthusiasm and vigour and much has been achieved in academic terms and in the fields of sport, music, drama etc.  Just this week, we have had a number of sporting successes. Boys in our undefeated Year 9 basketball squad were crowned District League Champions and our Year 9 and Year 10 girls' cricket teams each finishing second in the Lady Taverners indoor cricket tournament. Well done all.  Commiserations to the Year 8 boys' football team as they were knocked out of the County Cup at the semi-final stage on Tuesday.  Those in Year 11 studying Art GCSE had their last gallery visit of the course, visiting the Tate and to round off the half term, the 80 students and 8 staff on our ski trip will leave CGS this evening for what I am sure will be a superb week spent in the mountains of Italy enjoying the snow.  As always, huge thanks to the staff who give up their time and, in the case of the ski trip, their holiday, to allow the students to have such memorable and enriching experiences.  

We have had a run of Parents' Evenings this half term and last night it was a pleasure to welcome parents of those in Year 10.  As always, there was a real buzz with lots of conversations about progress so far and discussions about what needs to be done to prepare for the Year 10 exams which take place early in the summer term.  As always, thank you for your support, without which we simply could not get the best from your children.

During the week, members of the Senior Leadership Team have been conducting individual interviews with students in Year 11.  These are really valuable and allow us to confirm options choices for A level and to discuss what lies ahead.  One of the things we have tried to stress is the need for the students to maintain a sense of perspective over the coming months; yes these exams are really important but they are not a matter of life or death! In a similar vein, we have tried to reinforce the fact that there is no secret to doing well: it takes hard work and plenty of practice.  Finally, we talked to each student about what he or she will do should they find they get stressed in the weeks ahead.  We want to ensure that they have someone in school or at home to whom they would talk should this be the case and this may be something parents wish to talk about at home too.  As always, please let us know if you have any concerns about your son or daughter.  All those in Years 11 and 13 have been issued with their summer exam timetable this week and it is really important that this is kept somewhere safe and visible.  Every year, there are students who misread this document and who then find themselves in the very stressful situation of not being at school at the right time for the start of an exam so my advice is to prise this from your child now and stick a copy on your fridge or somewhere equally prominent! 

Today we held cake sales to raise money for Liberty's Legacy.  You will remember that Liberty's sister, Olivia, led our fundraising for this last term and this has been added to today. Well done and thank you to Liv and her friends who arranged this.

Invited for birthday tea this week were: James, Oliver, Olivia, Elizabeth, Lucy and Tejas.  Happy 12th birthday to them all. 

I hope your children have a restful week and we look forward to welcoming them all back on Monday 25th February.

Annmarie McNaney