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Posted on: June 28th 2019

Head of Maths runs a Marathon to raise money for Liberty's Legacy

Today was Sports Day.  Head of Mathematics, Mr Stoddern and Sam in Year 12 ran a marathon to raise money for Liberty's Legacy.  They started their run at 7am so that they would be finished by the time it got too hot. They were joined at the half-way stage by Leo and another Sam, both also in Year 12, who ran a half marathon.  Well done and huge thanks to them all. Mr Stoddern spent much of today wearing a hat or a bandana to cover up his horrendous haircut!  A jovial exchange with some Year 10s a few weeks ago turned in to another fundraising event for Liberty's Legacy.  Evan and Ava asked if they could cut Mr Stoddern's hair to raise money for Liberty's Legacy.  He replied 'only if you raise more than £500', never expecting them to do so.  Of course the student body, supported by a fair number of parents and staff, made sure that the £500 target was smashed and in the event, over £900 was raised online and on the day. Well done to everyone and thank you to Mr Stoddern for being such a good sport.  The 'haircut' was truly horrific!


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