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Posted on: June 4th 2019

CGS Marathon Club

Team story


Before we talk about us it is important to mention the reason behind the first Chesham Grammar School marathon. Liberty Grace Schurer was a student at a local school, whose sister attends Chesham Grammar School. Liberty sadly gained her angel wings two weeks after her 14th birthday after a battle with bone cancer. All money raised from this event will be going straight to the Bone Cancer research trust via Liberty's legacy. Liberty's sister, Olivia, spoke of Liberty in a school assembly to raise awareness of bone cancer. Her talk was heartbreaking but also thought provoking. What can be done? If you believe that human kind can develop methods to either end bone cancer or at least considerably lengthen the lives of those affected by bone cancer then please dig deep.

If you wish to know more about Liberty's legacy please click on the following link:


Facebook- Liberty’s Legacy

Twitter- @libertyslegacy3

So who is taking part in the inaugural Chesham Grammar School Marathon? Samuel Clark, a year 12 student at Chesham Grammar School, and Mr Stoddern, who likes to imagine himself as Head of the Triathlon Faculty but in reality has to settle for leading the Maths Department. The event will take palce on the school's 400m track (which is painted on a field).

Surely running round a 400m track 106 times will be mind numbingly boring as well as physically tough? Well neither Sam nor Mr Stoddern have run a marathon before but they've both got a very high tolerance for boredom - Sam sits in Mr Stoddern's A-level Maths lessons without any complaint and Mr Stoddern does maths every day with only minimal complaint.

Sam and Stod are aiming to maintain a steady pace that will see them finish in three hours and thirty minutes. They will aim to finish their run at the same time as the Sports Day track races. The track events will thus take place as in other years, except with Sam and Stod running round the inside of the track, providing a full afternoon of entertainment for all. Chesham Grammar School Headteacher Miss McNaney has pledged a Farmhouse pizza of roughly equal size to the 400m track for Sam and Stod to eat upon completion

The two runners will start their runs on opposite sides of the track and keep synchronized pace. This will avoid the only pain worse than running 106 times round a 400m track: running 106 times round a 400m track with someone next to you making small talk. Mr Stoddern has made it very clear to Sam that if he speeds up and tries to win what is certainly not a race then there is a substantial chance that he will fail his Maths A-level. Sam has promised to look more beaten-up than Mr Stoddern upon completion of the marathon in exchange for Mr Stoddern not setting any more homework to Sam for the rest his time at school.

At the half way point of the race the duo will be joined by Leo Franks, who will run a half marathon. Leo, unlike Sam, has decided that it is more important to prepare for his upcoming summer exams, in particular his maths exam, than train for a marathon. It has been noted that Leo is not in Mr Stodderns maths class and possibly the motivation of a real maths teacher has created this misconception for Leo. Leo has already run a half marathon this year in aid of Liberty's legacy. At the Berkhampstead half marathon Leo raised in excess of £600.

Ultimately neither participant will enjoy this run. Mr Biddle, the Chesham Grammar School mascot and Sports Day compère, out on his annual Day Release, will be on hand to provide motivational support for the runners and to encourage further donations, but if you are able to get donations in beforehand then please do so.

If you would like to Sponsor Sam Clark, Leo Franks and Mr Stoddern in their marathon attempt on sports day please do so via the following link :


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