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Posted on: May 24th 2022

Improving the environment at CGS

Chesham Grammar School is now proud to say it has its very own Eco Committee, started by Year 13 students Elly and Dylan, who felt inspired by the work of Greta Thunberg and the recent COP26 agreement.  Dylan has expanded his commitment to the environment beyond CGS and was recently interviewed by John Craven on ‘Countryfile’ about his voluntary work at College Lake nature reserve.  Elly said the Eco Committee aims to ‘ help all years of the school to band together to improve the school’s environmental impact’.  

So far, the group have been successful in planting trees with students in Year 7 as part of the celebration of the school’s 75th anniversary in 2022.  Not only will this have engaged a younger year group to participate and think about their individual impact on the environment but is also ‘improving the biodiversity that will have a lasting impact on school grounds’ according to Elly.  The native trees have been donated to the school by with Sustainable Chesham and the Woodland Trust.  

Most recently, the group have been discussing their plans for new recycling bins around school, which separate waste so that the school can recycle more of our waste.  The group also considered the importance of students and their role in making the school and local area more eco-friendly, as the effects of littering are long term, and litter can blow away, effecting the wider community.  The group are keen to continue the initiative for considering what options the school have in being more eco-friendly, and have welcomed Year 12 students Lottie and Alex, who will continue the group next year.

Written by Skye (Year 12)

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