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Uniform final


All items of uniform are obtainable from Hawkinsport: 

Please obtain current prices from the stockist.

Uniform Policy

Uniform check list: Years 7–11

General information

All items of school wear should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Black shoes of sensible design made by reliable firms for school use are required.  Students should not wear platform shoes or have heels above 5 cm. Plimsol type, canvas shoes or trainers are not allowed.  Boots may only be worn with trousers.

We recommend that students have a coat for winter.  All coats must be suitable for school.  No obvious logos and no leather/imitation leather.  Some parents understandably are concerned about their child's safety in the winter months when it is dark.  We strongly recommend taking this into consideration when buying a coat and bag; reflective strips can be found on many coats and bags available for purchase.  

Bag: no particular bag is specified.  Students are free to use a bag of their choice.  It needs to be large enough to transport equipment to and from school every day.  We recommend a rucksack and also suggest that students choose a bag which is easily identifiable ie not plain black.

Jewellery should be limited to a wristwatch and one pair of plain studs for ears, conventionally worn, ie ine earrling in each ear lobe.  Other facial piercings of any kind are not permitted.  Please note that dyed hair and unconventional hairstyles are not acceptable.  The Headteacher is the final arbiter of the interpretation of the word 'unconventional' in the context of Chesham Grammar School; this includes hair with contrived patterns or hair that, in her opinion is too short or too long.

Shirts and ties are to be worn in a conventional manner; shirts should be tucked in with top buttons fastened.  Ties should be tied to an appropriate length.

Sixth Form students should adhere to the sixth form dress code and may be sent home to change if deemed necessary.

Blazer:                                                        Black with embroidered badge or black with plain pocket and sew-on badge 
Pullover:* Black, v-necked, fine knit.
Skirt: School design - available at Hawkinsport only.  Must be of an appropriate length.
Trousers: Black smooth weave suit type, NOT hipsters or Lycra.  Recommended style available at Hawkinsport. 
Shirt: Plain white with collar - long sleeved/White with collar - short sleeved - to be worn with tie
Tie: School design
Socks: Plain black
Tights: Black or natural
Scarf: Black (optional)
Footwear: See note under general information.  Please note - boots only to be worn with trousers
Coat: See note under general information
Make up: Make up and nail varnish should not be worn.  Pupils will be asked to remove it.
Apron: Obtainable only through school: required for technology lessons
Lab Coat: White for science lessons
* Pullovers only to be worn with the blazer not on their own as a substitute.

Re-adopted and amended by the Governing Body

Second-hand Uniform

Second-hand uniform is available from the local Shaw Trust charity shop; 33 High Street, Chesham HP5 1BW.  

Our CGEC (Chesham Grammar School Equestrian Club) also collect and sell second hand uniform to raise funds for the club.  Please contact them via the following email account:


Physical education uniform list 

Please see the 'Sport' section of the website